Insurors Service Bureau Inc. was started by Master Automotive Technician Edward D. McCabe in 1981 after serving 5 years with a leading Boston area investigative agency. During our 37 years of operation our investigations have uncovered major theft rings and internal problems, which have led to manufacturer recalls. The firm maintains its home office in Danielson, CT with diverse, court-qualified Investigators and Forensic Experts located throughout New England and offers expertise in vehicle fire causation, collision damage analysis and forensic vehicle examination. The company is now owned and operated by McCabe's step-son Stanley Irving and his wife Renee. Together they market the company, assign all cases, process the final report and supporting documentation. 

Stanley is a licensed damage appraiser in MA/CT/RI, a Collision Safety Institute (CSI) certified Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Specialist and Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) certified accident Reconstructionist. With extensive training and 12-years experience with automotive security systems, fire causation, mechanical failure analysis and forensic investigation. Stanley worked along side McCabe for over eight years. He brings with him a vision that employs a hands-on approach that is proactive and customer-centric, ensuring each case is thoroughly processed and completed in a timely manner.  Our claims processing, electronic imaging, case-related data storage and pricing structure have all been revised.  Together, these implementations have been specially designed to save clients both time and money while providing the same high quality, bottom line findings to enable a SIU department to make cost effective analyses of questionable claims.  Moreover, our clients have raved about our new flat-rate structure for Collision Damage Analyses and single vehicle CDA cases and are sure you will too. 


Renee has been in the accounting profession for over 20 years, she came to Independent Investigative Services Bureau from Ronald Pratt Company. Renee has earned both her Master of Science in Accounting, and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  Renee worked with her father’s family business for many years, working in the jewelry industry.  Renee was accustomed to wearing many hats while working for the family business; she primarily kept the books and managed the office.  So jumping in and switching gears is no stranger to Renee when she decided to come to Independent Investigative Services Bureau. Renee's aim at Independent Investigative Services Bureau is to offer to each customer, honest, accurate, efficient, and consistent services.  Since her transition to Independent Investigative Services Bureau, again she wears many hats from editing the final reports to handling the the billing, payroll and accounting services,  she loves what she is doing and would not have it any other way!


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