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D/B/A  Independent Investigation Services Bureau

Serving southern New England for over 30 years

Independent Investigative Services Bureau (IISB) is a fully insured, licensed and bonded Connecticut agency with full line Adjusting, Automotive Repair skills, Automobile Reconstructionists',  Collision Damage Analysis and appraisal licenses in New England. We first started out in Rhode island, operating for 35 years, then in 2016 we moved the agency to Connecticut.

IISB will save you time and money, increasing the productivity of your SIU department. Our visual in-depth vehicle inspections provides your SIU personnel with a basic field and plain-view assessment on the status of the mechanical systems or perform in-depth motor vehicle collision damage analysis. In many instances, the assigned investigator will provide all the information needed to make important claim-related decisions, including determination of cause, liability, defect, improper or negligent repair, suspected fraud and bad faith. Most importantly, our findings stand up in court through proven results.

Our team of experienced investigators have successfully handled over 60,000 claims for insurance carriers, manufacturers, law firms and self-insurers since 1981 and specialize in accidental fire causation, collision damage analysis, forensic mechanical/failure analysis, forensic truck and heavy equipment fire/failure analysis, forensic vehicle examination and marine fire causation/failure analysis.

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